Matthew 2

Hi, my name is Matthew Paul Szostek and I call my art artbymp( Art By Matthew Paul) without the last name cause even I couldn't pronounce it when I was young and neither can most of the people I know or call me. I am now retired and have even more time to work on my dream of being an artist.

I am self taught with only a few classes I've taken through the years. I've been caring for my handicapped wife for 34 years, so between work and my love I would paint when I had time. People always asked me when am I going to do a show, But my wife was more important. I have sold many pieces do to word of mouth.

 I dedicated my work to the inspiration of my wife years ago when she said I should paint Angels and Fairies. So Heck why not, Lol. I love painting them and I hope people can see the spirit behind them. Each painting I do is spiritual and is a representative of our spirits in all of us, good, bad or indifferent. I hope that when people see these they feel a sense of peace, compassion and love.

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